Rajin Dhanraj loses battle against illness

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Rising Chutney Soca star Rajin Dhanraj is dead. 
The 25 year old performer battled illness for months but he passed away just a week after being released from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex into the care of his family. 
The Dhanraj family is distraught as it's the second death in the family for 2013.
Rajin Dhanraj died at his Esmerelda Road home in Cunupia early Friday morning three weeks after celebrating his 25th birthday.
He burst into the Chutney spotlight in 2008 when he won Synergy Tv's first Chutney Star competition. 
He captured 2nd place at the 2013 National Chutney Monarch competition held on Indian Arrival Day. 
But following the death of his infant son in June, he fell into a depression and later had his own battles with sickness. 
His sister Sandra Williams says Rajin's nurse told the family Thursday night that he was having difficulty breathing, but that she would manage it. 
Sandra says she got a second call with worse news, Rajin had passed away.
Rajin's family says he was in good health up to four months ago after which he fell ill and then quickly deteriorated.
Doctors say his brain was deprived of oxygen and he suffered a hypoxic brain injury. 
He was hospitalized for the entire period of his illness, at the Eric Williams Medical Complex and while Doctors were not hopeful, they didn't rule out a recovery for him. 
A week later, he died. 
Rajin's family is thankful for the support that poured in during his illness both from fans and friends as well as from the Chutney Soca community. 
Funeral arrangements are yet to be finalized.
Written by Cnews