Kazim Hosein elected San Fernando Mayor

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The Southern City now has a new Local Government Council and a new Mayor.

The Aldermen and the new Mayor of the San Fernando City Corporation were sworn in on Friday afternoon at City Hall in San Fernando.

Alderman Kazim Hosein was unchallenged in the election by his peers and will now oversee the Corporation for the next three years.

His Deputy is former Alderman and PNM Minister, Mr. Junia Regrello.

The new Mayor, who is the son of former San Fernando Mayor Rakeeb Hosein, promised to hit the ground running.

"I accept the position with the intention that I want to really start to meet with all vendors, I want to meet with the business community, the people from the park, all the stakeholders in San Fernando. I want their input in this because my first step is with consultation in San Fernando. God gave me two ears and one mouth. I want to listen and I want to act."

Meanwhile the outgoing Mayor, Dr. Navi Muradali, had a few words of advice for his successor.

He warned Mayor Hosein that the job is not easy.

"You will be forced upon to make tough decisions and your decisions will have to be in the best interest of the people of San Fernando. I know you well enough to know that you will consult, you would listen, and be guided and then you shall make your decision."

Dr. Muradali then focused his attention on local politicians, particularly the leaders of his party, the COP, as well as the leaders of the UNC and ILP.

"As someone who got into politics seven years ago wishing to make a difference, it is really disheartening to know that in 2013, the national conversation in this country leaves a lot to be desired and what I have witnesses is vulgarity. It is obscene, it is vulgar and it is crass what has been placed in the nation to witness night after night in the political campaigns. You, as the Political Leader, Ms. Bachan as the Chairman of a political party, I hope you take the message back to your respective parties and I also appeal to the Prime Minister who is the Political Leader of her own party, and the Political Leader of the ILP, that the country at this point in time, we do not want to see what is being displayed on our television sets night after night."

Dr. Muradali said for the national conversation to change, citizens must be shown respect.

Written by C News